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November 29th, 2012, 01:45 PM
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Yeah, I'm CRAZY excited..and the best part is the installer was able to get it ALL done in one day.. so SUPER excited. I'm going to have a WARM HOUSE when I get home!! (Well, warmer than it has been.. i know it might take some time to get my house from about 5C to 20C..).

HOWEVER, I am NOT impressed with my groomer right now. I love her to bits, seriously. She's amazing.. she waived the fee for cancelling without 24 hours notice when Appa was really hurt and no way he could go in.. she groomed him for a YEAR for no pay for her competition..BUT... I called Monday and made an appointment for Wednesday Night.
They called me Tuesday, asking me to change it to tonight.
They called me this morning to ask me to change it to tomorrow night. REally??? SECOND time???

I get that they were done their last dog early today..and wanted to leave, but only one would have to be there, and they could always leave and come back for the appt at 5:30 (they said they'd be done their last dog by 1pm).


But..yay..heat.. LOL.
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