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November 29th, 2012, 01:47 PM
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This may not apply, but my dog, who is normally very well behaved and never chews or gets into the garbage, will take meat wrappers from the garbage if it's pretty much full and they are sitting on top or takes socks/underwear/gloves/hats from the clean laundry and sometimes chew them and sometimes just lay on them. We've noticed that he really only does this when we leave him in the house while we are gone 2 days in a row (by that I mean we leave for work with him in the house, come home for the night, and leave for work again next day--not that he's in the house alone 48 hours straight). He will almost never do the above bad behaviors if he's only been left in the house for a couple hours or 1 day of work. It's like he gets antsy and bored if he is not on his outdoor run during the day.

Your dog may be picking up on the increased attention DH is giving her and perhaps decreased attention to her. Maybe he could spend a little extra time with her every day may help her stay out of the food, maybe a good game of fetch or an extra run around the block?

The bad news is that often when a dog starts with bad behavior and you don't correct the reason for it, the dog will often repeat the bad behavior because they know they can get away with it. For example, our dog is usually very well behaved, but if he is outside by himself and not on his run, he will wander away, sometimes even overnight. He had figured out that we let him out and then go make coffee in the morning while he does his business, and he would run outside and then watch for us to go past the window when we go to the kitchen and then take off. He's from working and herding dogs, which are usually smarter than companion dogs because they have to learn quickly and remember tasks, so once he learned that if we weren't watching, he could go exploring, he's continued to do it to this day. There's no point punishing him when he comes back because he will just make the association of coming home equaling punishment rather than the punishment being from his original running off.
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