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November 30th, 2012, 04:55 PM
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I'm generally a nice person. So when I was driving home from work and saw the street that O's mom lives on was completed barricaded off by numerous cops, I texted her, told her I saw the street was blocked, and asked if everything was okay. She texted back that she wasn't home and she hoped all was okay.

I get home, do a little computer research, and find out it's this.

Five bottles of nitric acid found at a mobile home park in Glendale; causing hazmat situation

I texted her and told her what I found out and she texted back "What the?!" And I said, "I know. One man was already hospitalized, you might not want to go back there tonight."

"Um. I live there."

Like really? Like I don't know that?! I said, "I am aware, but the news said it's all blocked off. Just trying to help."

"Thank you. But I have a car full of groceries, a son to feed dinner, and plenty to do there."

so I texted her back and said, "I apologize if my text came off as me telling you what is and isnt safe. I know you are perfectly capable of deciding that for you and O. I moreso meant the whole street is blocked off, you might not be able to get through. Hope you guys can get through. See you tomorrow."

Isn't that crazy though?! Nitric Acid! Scary
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