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December 1st, 2012, 08:30 AM
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How many Christmas / Yule / other winter recipes can we collect in this thread?

It's 5 points per recipe posted.

You may post as many recipes as you like, but only one in one post, and you may not double post - you must always wait for someone else to take a turn in between.

You can write the instructions to your own recipe, or a recipe you've been given or read in a book that you've tried and tested so you're doing it as a recommendation or with your own twist.

Please do not copy and paste from recipe sites. Links will not count for the purposes of this challenge.

If anyone actually MAKES one of the recipes they should take a picture and post about it in this thread also for a bonus 10 points. You will only get a bonus 10 points for road-testing ONE recipe.


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