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December 1st, 2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by My2miracles View Post
Perhaps you need to step back a little. I know you were trying to help but I can see how it would come off as intrusive to her. She's an adult. She's made some bad decisions in the past but she needs the room to be able to make good decisions on her own.
Yeah i know. When she said she wasnt there I really was just trying to tell her it might still be blocked off. It looked pretty bad.

I already told Eric I'm going to try my best not to speak with her unless needed. This whole soccer thing kind of made us "friends." But I don't really want to be friends with Eric's ex. It's good to be friendly for O's sake. But there's a line and I need to stay on my side.

Sometimes I try to help too much, and I did acknowledge I may have come off as "I know better than you do whats safe"
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