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December 1st, 2012, 08:57 PM
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Name: Sarah
EDD: Feb 5/ Feb 17
Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink
Baby name if known: Margaret Elizabeth
Planning to birth at home, hospital, or birth center: Hospital though prefering a birth center
How are you feeling? tired but that is from stress more than baby. Other than that pretty good. I feel pretty stretched since she likes to push out against my belly button or up into my ribs as hard as she can.
Anything exciting or that concerns you lately? We are moving but have not yet found a place which is both exciting and concerning but it will work out. Main concern is that I am not as fond of my dr as I was a few weeks ago. Plus, even though Maggie is measuring 2 weeks behind which lines up with conception he won't even consider altering my due date just because from LMP is "just how we do it" according to him. Unless there is some sort of life or death deal going on I won't have a c-section or induction and I refuse to do an epidural or episiotomy. So, we aren't exactly on the same page which is where I would like to be since I am just shy of 31 weeks at this point.
Any belly pics to share?! I wish! I really need to take some. This little girl is trying out every position she can to make her presence known.
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