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December 2nd, 2012, 02:02 PM
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Are you doing most of your Christmas shopping online or in-store? in-store
Do you have a set budget per child? not this year, probably in the future though; DH and I discussed limits for each other
Who do you buy for other than your immediate family? siblings, parents, niece and nephew; this year grandparents are getting an ornament of Cameron's handprint, and pictures from our wedding that we finally got; we don't normally get them stuff
Do you have a goal date to be finished by? preferably in the next week or so, and then I start wrapping and put them under the tree
Where do you hide your purchases from the kids/SO? My closet, but DH's playstation 3 is in my wardrobe behind the clothes I don't fit back into yet. My parents live 2 minutes from us, and as the kids get older and snoopy, I'll hide them there
Do you prefer to give actual gifts or gift cards? actual gifts, although my SIL requested Chapters gift certs for our niece and nephew this year, which I'm ok with. We also get FIL's gf's son iTunes gift cards, but he's 14 and hard to buy for
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