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December 2nd, 2012, 06:24 PM
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My 5yr old son was diagnosed with psoriasis yesterday. We have been dealing with a rash for almost 2 months. Originally thought was an allergic reaction to a cleaner at school. But on Friday it hit me that a flare up happens after illness, gets bright red after bath/shower, and it wasn't looking like a typical rash. He is on 2% hydrocortisone 2-3 times a day, air dry after bath, getting a humidifier, daily vitamin d3 supplement, and CeraVe lotion for dryness and itching between applications of his script cream. His teacher has it as well so she assured me he won't get picked on. It's all over his elbows, knees, stomach, back and buttocks area. Tomorrow I am setting up an appt at the local derm office. I called asking questions Friday. They can't get him in until April. I am so not happy about that!! He also has asthma so avoiding illness is going to be difficult. We are also battling back to back ear infections that might need tubes if he gets another one.

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