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December 2nd, 2012, 09:29 PM
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Okay so last month I had a textbook chart, obvious dip followed by a huge rise that stayed above my cover line until AF arrived.

This month, not so much. I had a huge dip on CD18 that I thought was ovulation but my temps didn't get above the cover line before falling again on CD21 then skyrocketed and FF gave me crosshairs then ANOTHER dip at what FF friend was called 4DPO.
I wondered if the last dip was an implantation dip but someone said it may have been a fallback rise so I started doing some research and found that a fallback generally happens at 2dpo..

So my question is this: do you think I O'd on CD18, had a fallback on CD21(3dpo) then implantation on CD25 @ 7dpo? Or do you think I O'd on CD21 and had fallback at 4dpo and the dip on CD18 was a fluke?

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