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December 3rd, 2012, 08:11 AM
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UGH SOOO WANT TO TEST...My temp shot up again today and in the shower today the DH was all like, "Man you bbs look bigger..and weren't you supposed to be on your period by now?" But he's being supportive and doesn't want me to test and get my hopes up again since I was a day late last month and with finals he thinks stress might make it later...Plus like he said, "Probably shouldn't waste a 20 dollar test".. BUT, I'm going to the dollar store later to pick up wrapping paper so might have to just sneak a few tests into the cart... Trying to resist temptation!! Especially since my symptoms are still minimal, I don't think the bbs have changed and he's just being wishful, the cm is still milky/ a little sticky but not ewcm. So realistically the only "sign" I'd admit openly would be the exhaustion but that could be from finals too.

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