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December 3rd, 2012, 12:09 PM
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Hi. I'm Amber. I've been officially ttc since March of this year with my amazing DH. I got pregnant pretty quickly with my previous children, the longest wait was with my DS (6 months), but now I'm having a really hard time. I don't believe I'm ovulating, neither does my doctor, which is why she's prescribed Provera to kick start "normal" cycles. I have an appointment two days after my birthday and I'm thinking she might suggest Clomid for ovulation. I've never been ttcma. I don't know what to expect from this medication. I've done research and what not but I'd really like some personal expieriances. How did you know to try clomid? Did you in fact o on clomid? What are your major side effects? How did you know you o'ed? Will I have to go for blood work each cycle? Can I just track my o with bbt and ff instead of going for blood work? And finally, my most important question....How long have you tried clomid before you got your bfp? I really am praying for my final child. I've been waiting 2 years. (We were WTTC then NTNP then TTC...It feels like I've been waiting for forever!!) I am nervous that I'm offending you by asking while I already have 3 children and one step son. I'm just really nervous and super frustrated with my body. I don't know who else to ask, since no one I know needed Clomid before nor does anyone know we're trying this hard for our child. Thank you ladies. <3
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