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December 3rd, 2012, 12:11 PM
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I often wonder what the future holds for my children and stepchildren. Will my son have a good relationship with his father when he grows up? Will my step kids have a relationship with their mom? My ss was so young when she left I wonder if when he is an adult if he will care to know her? And my sd struggles with her feelings towards her mom now, I wonder if as an adult and possibly a mom herself someday how her relationship will be? I also wonder about how they will be with their half-siblings. Their mom has 3 other children and I wonder if they will be close to them when they grow up?

I was at a family party yesterday. The person hosting the party had her parents and stepparents there. Its a long crazy situation with them all. Her siblings were there. Some of them don't acknowledge the father and his new wife. The mother looked uncomfortable. And it got me thinking I wonder what it will be like when my kids all grow up. Will I be sitting at those types of parties with my ex? Or with my step kids and their mom?

I am sure I will handle it fine. Just got me thinking about it. Any of you ever think about it?

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