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December 3rd, 2012, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ~~Que~~ View Post
Have you tried magnesium/calcium supplements to help your BP? When I'm pregnant, I can only drink water and eat mostly a raw high protein vegetarian diet, and must have mag every day or my BP gets out of control!

I was induced with my first two because of my BP and had to have mag during labor, and when that didn't work, I got the epidural, which helped enough till the BP went down.
I wanted to second this. A woman in my birth class has struggled with her BP anyway, and it was a huge problem with her first two pregnancies. This is her third pregnancy and she started using the Brewer diet (which is NOT a low salt diet) and her BP is way down, and fast. She's also taking calcium with d and magnesium, and adding these have been shown as a more effective way to lower BP than reducing salt in some circumstances.

I hope this works out so you can continue with the water birth you want.

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