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December 3rd, 2012, 04:45 PM
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I usually get my period a few days early and I get the cramps to go along with it. now I have no early period and my period is due tomorrow... I have a deep deep feeling that it's not going to come. Usually I get some pre period cramps and such to let me know that it's on it's way and I haven't gotten a single thing... My boyfriend and I use condoms and the PULL OUT method.... I don't know why but something inside me (no pun intended ) is making my brain lean toward the possibility of being pregnant instead of just saying "OH IT"LL COME SOONER OR LATER" I've NEVER BEEN LATE on a period, NEVER been on time ALWAYS EARLY, and NEVER so much as missed a period unless i was on birth control. ANY ADVICE OR THOUGHTS ARE WELCOMED!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE WALKING ON EGG SHELLS AS I KNOW IT'S TOO EARLY TO TEST
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