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December 3rd, 2012, 06:57 PM
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This is actually kind of funny to hear.
When I was married we had three dogs that were the loves of my life. One dog was very old and got sick as soon as I moved out. We had to have him put down.
The other two dogs were with my ex. I couldn't take them in the apartment I was living in but would go see them sometimes. They were "acting out" and pottying in the house and tearing up the exes new girlfriends stuff ( good girls I know).So he sold them.
It has been a year now and I still miss them like crazy. I even did some searching to try to find them but no luck.
I really want to get a dog but now live in a second floor apartment and have no money for vet or supplies.

I have been unofficially diagnosed Aspergers and always struggled with social interaction, but with animals I just connect and love.

I have one more month of no insurence and in January my partners insurence will cover me. We signed a legal partnership so I could be covered, gay marriage is not legal in our state.
I am also going to be taking two college classes starting in January. So I am excited and nervous about that.

I have also been feeling sad. We were wanting to try TTC via donor soon, but with the lay off we are waiting until I either get a new job or finish the new college program. I have been so excited to have a family move forward with our family. I am 30 so I know I have time but my partner is 37 so I feel like I am robbing her fo her chance to be pregnant and have a biological child.
Sorry for so long a post but it feels good to write it all out and vent.
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