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December 3rd, 2012, 09:32 PM
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Thanks ladies! I take a calcium/mag supplement every night, and a passionflower tincture. I'm eating pretty much just protein at this point and walking a couple of hours a day. I've also been drinking a pregnancy tea that has nettle in it, but I'll have to try just the tea - thanks Heather.

At my check today my bp was back down a bit, not as much as she wants it but enough to make her comfortable with me staying with her as long as it doesn't spike again. It helped that she had me do blood work over the weekend and my labs all came back with no sign of pre-eclampsia or any other liver problems. So as of right now we're good! I'm going to a chiropractor tomorrow... she says that my cervix is so soft and mushy right now that if we can get her to drop and get that pressure that things will happen quickly. Hoping to get her here by the weekend!

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