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December 4th, 2012, 02:15 AM
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I've been on Clomid since February. We new I was going to need MA before we ever started trying, so I was put on it after two test cycle to confirm for my doctor I was anovulatory. My doctor has me use OPKs. At first if I didn't get a +OPK by CD15 I was to call and make an appointment for an ultrasound to see how my ovaries were doing. Usually it was bad news. I did O my first cycle on 50mg on CD16, but then didn't again till September on 150mg on CD20. I do chart BBT to confirm and that's good enough for us, I don't have to go in and get bloodwork done. I don't have insurance that would pay for that which could be why my doctor doesn't have me do that. I got pregnant after a year of trying, but it was only my third time ovulating so I think that's pretty good.

As far as side effects go, they're pretty bad. On lower doses they weren't terrible, mostly a bit of nausea and some mood swings. But on 200mg I had terrible hot flashes, less than awesome CM, and the nausea and mood swings were way more intense. The nausea was bad enough it kept me from BDing as much as I wanted and also made it hard to sleep. It's worth it to me if it gets me my rainbow baby but it's quite unpleasant. If I could afford it I'd probably see if I could try femara instead as the side effects aren't as bad.

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