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December 4th, 2012, 10:16 AM
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I'm pretty sure we've covered this topic before in another thread, but I'll answer again.
Bathroom breaks should never be a privilege. They're a natural body function that while we can control somewhat, we shouldn't be trying to "train" it down to some specific kind of schedule. It's not healthy to hold it in all the time. Not everyone has to go at the same time, either. Though adults usually have way better control, even we can't always stick to a strict schedule.

I'd be livid if I were this mother, embarrassed if I were the child and mortified if I were the principal overseeing this school.

If a kid is screwing off instead of going to the bathroom, and you know they are, you find some other way to rectify that behavior, AND prevent it. You don't charge them bucks they've earned for good behavior, just because you haven't yet trained or manipulated their body to work on your approved schedule. That just seems so wrong to me. Would this teacher do that at home with their own children? They have to spend their allowance to go potty outside of the time the parent decides is appropriate. I seriously doubt it. So why apply it here?

The school obviously realizes what a huge mistake it was on the teacher's part and how wrong it is. I don't think such things should go unnoticed, but I can't say what sort of disciplinary action should be applied to the teacher.

Maybe they should take some of her salary she rightfully earned for her bad behavior
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