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December 4th, 2012, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by K.A.T View Post
If something like that arises again, maybe it's best to tread carefully if you feel the need to talk to her about it. I.E. Hey I just heard xyz is/has happened. Is everything OK how are you guys doing? Make it about her and him and she may be more receptive about it. If you come across as your just inquiring about what really happened and care about both of their well beings, she'll open up more and might think twice about how she will handle things. Just my two cents.
Originally Posted by w292737 View Post
I think it's great you guys can be friendly. You might not need to be friends, but friendly is great!

in this case, I agree with KAT I would have probably been a little more liek. holy crap I just saw that news, is that by you guys? are you okay? and less like. you really shouldn't go home. I know I would have been the same way as her and said it's my home I live there, of course I"m going to go (because even if blocked off she can probably get info on when she can return and all that)
Yeah I know. you guys are right. I realized I went about it the wrong way and apologized. Luckily there was no drama that lingered from it or anything. All is well, lol
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