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December 5th, 2012, 09:15 AM
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The kitchen seems to take the longest so I'd spend time on that first. You can use socks and clothes to cushion your fragile items to save $ and reduce paper waste.
We left everything on hangers and just loaded them into totes.
Try to get your boxes and old blankets and quilts free on Craigslist or Freecycle. Check if there is Facebook swap group near you as well to ask for what you need. Renting stuff can be very pricy!
Buy some plastic wrap reels in the shipping section of the store. Leave your clothes in drawers but remove the drawers on moving day. After the base unit is taken to the truck, reinsert the drawers and wrap in blankets. Then use the stretch wrap to hold the blankets in place.
We had way too many plastic totes on both our moves. The moving company lost 4 of them in our cross-country move, probably because the labels they used don't adhere well to plastic. If you use totes be sure to sharpie your name and new address on the exterior and interior of the tote.
Our cross-country move cost hubby's company $11K. Our across town move cost $10 for tape and plastic wrap, $130 for the UHaul truck and gas, and $315 for 2 mover's for 4 hours. They had to move a piano so $100 of that was for the special exertion.
I staged everything in like groups in the two car garage of our rental. Most of the furniture was still inside the rental but most were empty and disassembled. I had the movers come at 1pm so hubby and I had time all morning to finish last minute stuff. There was more of that than I anticipated even though I was incredibly organized.
You want to put odd shaped items(strollers, step stools, dining chairs, fans, etc)in the front berth of the truck, then pack those in tightly with bagged items(I had Ikea poly bags for our off season clothes). Then tetris in a layer or two of moving boxes. Then go mattresses, appliances and large furniture. Last in is any lawn equipment and outdoor items.
Be sure to drain gasoline from mowers and defrost freezers or you may get some icky puddles in the van.
Start disassembling and wrapping your furniture early. The more time you take to do this nicely, in advance, the less likely your items will be scratched to bits in the moving truck. After my two experiences this year, I can say confidently, DO NOT TRUST MOVERS TO DO THIS!!!
Where are you moving to Kris?
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