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December 5th, 2012, 10:50 AM
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Do you exercise? Yes.!

Regularly, on a schedule, or occasionally?? Regulary, 6-7 days a week

For a certain amount of time?? When I run, I run about 7 miles/5days a week, and then my long run (12-20 miles) on Saturdays, depending on where I'm at in my training cycle. I strength train each muscle group to fatigue 2x a week, do yoga and pilates 2x a week, and I have dance class 2x a week.

What type of exercising?? See above!

Any exercising tips?? The hardest part is to get started. Especially if you're an early exerciser. I run in the very early morning and forcing myself out of bed is the hardest part. I say if you're just starting out, try to do it regularly long enough to make it a habit. It really only takes 3wks-a month for a habit to be established. So, set a short term goal for that and chances are, you'll love it by that point and need it in your routine to feel normal. Also, build up gradually and don't try to kill yourself just starting out. Lastly, ANYTHING is possible physically if you just start small, set reasonable goals, and work your way up to it!
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