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December 5th, 2012, 10:53 AM
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Bit late but I wanted to post about my first appointment! It was last friday and I was there almost 2 hours in total. She did look at my tongue lol! She asked a tonne of questions about my health etc and was really pleased with my charting apart from she'd like me to temp a full cycle from CD1 (which i dont do at the moment) so will do this next cycle.

She was very thorough and asked me questions prompting answers that I couldnt believe, for example she was asking about my sleeping which I said was rubbish. So she said...are you jumpy / do people startle you easily? Which I am. very. it happens so often its funny lol! How strange right??!

I had acupuncture for about 25 mins, with needles in my legs, stomach and hands. It was weird at first but quite relaxing. Now i know what to expect, i think ill find it more relaxing next time.

I've boooked more sessions going into january as her diary is reallly busy! Next one of the 12 december and I cant wait!

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