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December 5th, 2012, 10:04 PM
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They know the strangest things about you!! I have to tell you about my apt. for today!

I have been seeing one main acupuncturist, and then other people as necessary for scheduling purposes. It's a clinic, so as long as the acupuncturist has the same supervisor, it's okay. Anyway, I have seen Sherry a lot, but today was my second time with Rae (I also saw Kathryn once, but she doesn't usually work a shift that I can go to). Anyway, Rae is a little older than Sherry and I think we just click better, but we'll see. I have an appointment with Sherry next week, and then Rae again the week after we'll see.

Anyway, we were talking today about things - they'll ask for an update about things and whatever. I mentioned that AF arrived and that it was sad, and she was so sympathetic and wonderful. She also said since I had almost no PMS symptoms that she thought we were getting closer to pregnancy, which was awesome. When we got to the needles, she did a couple and then she asked..."This is going to be a weird question. But are you very empathic?"

I said yes. She said that she bet that I have some problems being in crowds and whatever, and that I should make sure to take care of myself. I have found myself to be even more of homebody than usual since being in NYC. There are just so many people everywhere!

Anyway, she did the most amazing treatment, with a warming treatment. It was awesome. I was like jelly afterward - I wish I could have gone home, but I had meetings and class and stuff. But I still feel good afterward. It made me so happy! It was like...when you have a good cry and you feel so released and relaxed afterward. It was amazing. Really good.
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