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December 5th, 2012, 10:47 PM
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Well, checking in briefly. Things are still a bit crazy, my sister is struggling to cope, and not doing well. She and Ben were together 8 years, and never spent more than 36 hours apart. They were ALWAYS together. She is struggling to adapt, Ben did everything for her, she has no idea how to handle a bank account, pay a bill, or most things like that, he did EVERYTHING so she didnt have to. She's getting a crash course in adulthood on top of losing her soulmate.

Ben is buried only 500 yards or so from my parents front door, so she makes a trek to his grave daily. She redecorates it every day.

Ben was not just a brother in law/ son in law. He was very much apart of our family. My mom moved him into the house when he was 17 because his parents have addictions and he needed some direction. He got his G.E.D and started his job right away (The only job he ever had, had been there 6 years). He really turned into a good man. He was always so willing to help, given any chance, he would help anyone, even people he barely knew. Everything in his life got 100% of his energy, he never did anything halfway. He became a father at 20, and worked hard to provide for his family. He asked the nurses at the hospital a million questions, because he wanted to do everything right for my nephew. He was jealous when my sister breast fed, because he WANTED to get up in the middle of the night for feedings (He did anyway, so my sister didnt feel alone). He changed every diaper he could, and loved spending time with my nephew. I dont know many 20 year old men like that...

There is a void in our life. A HUGE void.

He was sooooo looking forward to being "Uncle Ben" and I am so saddened that my baby has a guardian angel instead of an uncle here... Its hard to get excited when I know we'll be one short in the family ....

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