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December 6th, 2012, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by EverydayJoy View Post
Wow Bryson sounds a bit like my DS was in the first year. I had to take him with me into the shower, in his bouncy chair, but he would still start to cry partway through even though I showered as quickly as I could. He woke 8-10 times a night, until about 10 months old. And he was fussy and needed LOTS of holding throughout the day. Good thing he was my first baby, I couldn't do it with a toddler I don't think! I'm hoping the baby I'm pg with will be easy on me! Does your 5 year old help out with the baby pretty well?

I'm thinking I might want another after this baby is a couple years old, but I have some heart issues that only become a problem during pregnancy. So depending on whether they're fixable or not (I'm going to be seeing a cardiologist soon), my DH said there's the possibility that this could be our last baby. He doesn't want to have to worry about something happening to me. I hope if that's the case I'd be ok with just two.
Showers go over pretty well as long as I don't take to long. I think something about the noise of it makes him happy... but he has to be in the bathroom with me and able to see me.
She tries to help out but I am so tired and cranky most of the time I just don't have the patience for She has been so great with him and the whole idea of him no jealousy issues at all... now I think if I had my babys closer in age then there would have been problems. Being around some of my friends kids who have them 14-18mo apart my heart just breaks for those babys some times, I have seen way to many time one SCREAMING for mommy but mommy is to busy changing the other ones diaper or feeding the other one. And they both want MOMMY even though other people are around to help with cuddles and what not. So having these guys 4.5 years apart has been great. Madison is pretty much self sufficient she gets her own drinks goes to the bathroom alone can dress her self etc. I really like the fact that she got to be a baby for a long time before the new baby came along.

Originally Posted by Leanne78 View Post
I want one more but DH keeps saying 2 is enough. I'm hoping that Cambria being such a good baby will change his mind. What I'm not sure about is the timing. A part of me wants to get it done with ASAP since I'm not getting any younger (will be 34 on the 15th), but I kind of like the 2 1/2 year age break in between.
With Bryson being so high maintenance Dh will make comments like "well he is making the choice for no more baby's for you".
I try to do everything with him by myself because I know how much DH hates the baby stage and I LOVE it. It works out great because my daughters age drives me batty and he loves this
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