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December 6th, 2012, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Dee Darling 3 View Post
I'm sorry I'm popping in so late. How are you doing The7thtimesthecharm?

I'm praying for you and your LO.
Thank you all for the responses and the prayer. Sorry it has taken so long to respond, life just gets in the way sometimes. I went in on November 20th for a check-up and again the doctor couldn't see anything. So he sent me to the ER for a different scan (and yes, my uterus is tilted but I don't know what he called it). The tech saw a sack and a flickering heartbeat!! Yay!! I measured 5w4d. So when I go back on December 11th I should be 8w4d. The thing that has me worried is I still have NO pregnancy symptoms. I hope I am just lucky and it doesn't mean anything. But my neurotic self has to have SOMETHING to worry about, (besides the tumors) right? Lol. (Sorry, I don't mean to make light if the tumor situation, I just deflect and joke about stuff I guess as a defense mechanism. I mean stress never cured any illness that I know of?!)
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