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December 7th, 2012, 12:36 PM
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I don't necessarily think a suspension is in order for the teacher, UNLESS this isn't the first time the teacher has made up their own disciplinary rules that go against what the school would prefer. I think an area like this can be grey, at times, and there very well may be instances where a child can't get up and go to the bathroom every time they ask(or rather, shouldn't). I still don't see a need for an across the board policy, like this one, that can and WILL negatively affect more than just a handful of students.

My comment about making her pay for her misdeed was totally tic, but I do think some sort of reprimand is in order. I know teachers should be given at least some wiggle room for classroom discipline outside of the standard "rules" set forth by the schools. But on something like this? Nah, it should be brought before the school first not to mention discussed with the parents-or at least inform them so they can prepare their kiddos. Then if a policy needs to be put in place, at least everyone is aware.

Putting a kid on the spot to the point where they pee their pants is NOT effective discipline by any stretch of the imagination.
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