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December 7th, 2012, 02:49 PM
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For the longest time I didn't know if my out of hospital birth was going to be attainable for many reasons. About a month ago through God's divine intervention, no less, we got a midwife! I live in Alabama, where it's illegal for a midwife to attend a home birth, so, although I will be home birthing, it won't be my home. My midwife has a guest house a few miles over the TN border (about an hour away). I love it, and love her.... I am just over the moon.

She wants me to continue to see my doctor to get the remainder of my tests like GBS since my insurance will cover those through my doctor.

My background is:

~ I had a c-section at 34 wks with my first son after preterm labor, water broke, he was breech.

~ I had a 39hr Hospital VBAC with my 2nd son. I had scar tissue on my cervix from a procedure I'd had done years ago, which required the nurses to manually break the bands to allow my cervix to dilate every few cm. I got an epidural about 24 hours in after making the mistake of agreeing to IV pain meds which made me insane and freak out. I was about 5cm at that point.

~ This pregnancy has gone well except for a subchorionic hematoma that caused several bleeding episodes. Thankfully it has resolved!

I am very excited, not concerned about VBACing. The only concern I have is handling the pain naturally from a 5-pushing. My midwife did say that because my water was broken, that my pain was more intense at a 5 than intact water ctx would have been. But I am believing that my warm, positive environment and support team will help me through it!

Glad to meet ya'll!
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