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December 7th, 2012, 03:32 PM
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Last night I made a giant thing of broccoli chicken alfredo for dinner. I mean, a huge thing of it. So this afternoon, as I'm getting ready to run errands, I say to him:

"I'm not gonna swing by the grocery store, we can just have leftovers for dinner tonight"

and he agreed and I left and did my thing.

Now it is dinnertime and I look in the fridge for the pasta...and I can't find it ANYWHERE

I asked him where the leftovers are and he responds "oh i ate them for lunch...I thought you meant different leftovers."


I already took my bra off and I'm wearing PJ pants...I am NOT going to the grocery store so he better be ready to run for pizza soon.

OH and he keeps complaining about the weight he put on over the last few months. MAYBE IF YOU DIDNT EAT ALL THE LEFTOVERS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM!

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