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December 7th, 2012, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by CartersMommy View Post

To tell you the truth I have a team of perintologists, maternal fetal medicine drs and uroligists (as of today) and they just do not know. In most inccreta cases the placenta grows into the bladder, ovaries sometimes the abdomen. I am sure there are cases where a placenta invades the bladder, and moves on to other organs but they never said that. I mean there is a definite risk of me losing my bladder. A serious risk. But there is a great chance that baby can make it to term while placenta takes up residence there. Now to give you perspective out of the entire placenta the part currently attached to my bladder is like 1cm. So the majority of the placenta is still either in the myometrium. We will only get more answers as we get further along. I am so sorry for your previous loss.
Your medical team sounds absolutely awesome. It is so relieving to be in good medical care when something so difficult arises. I really really hope that the placenta decides not to grow out anymore since it is just a tiny bit on the bladder, and that you will be okay when baby comes out, and baby too. You are a brave mama hugs, I will be watching your updates and hoping things turn out great.

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