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December 7th, 2012, 11:14 PM
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DH AND I HAVE 4 KIDS...the older 2 are from a previous marriage. He was content with the two but knew I had to have by own kids. He does not want anymore children and I STRONGLY do.......this has been my biggest desire since I was a child and it devastates me to think it could be over. I'm almost only 30 and he is 43. We are currently using the withdrawal method. He would get a vasectomy but I've asked him not to.

We have been using it for 8 months successfully and he has used it with an ex for quite some time successfully which leads me to believe he really does have his timing perfect. Not to mention I can tell and see he pulls out with plenty of time. This leads me to the question of whether or not there is sperm in pre-cum. I have heard various things. Pre-cum is produced in the Cowper's glands which does not contain sperm but supposedly there can be sperm left over from previous ejaculations. Most of the time urine kills this but not always. DH and I never DTD more than every other day so he clearly pees frequently and prob kills off all the sperm.

So, that being said does pre-cum in OUR SITUATION, have sperm do you think? I have faith in GOD and know that whatever his will is, will be but for now I am left wondering just how likely this all is given his past success, his age, my age, our past, our frequency of DTD, and given he has perfect timing............

We never DTD more than every other day so he pees frequently in between and we never go back to back sorry TMI...........he really does have his timing perfect and we have been successful with it for 8 months and he has been successfully with it since he was young.

I know with GOD anything is possible but I'm wondering what the deal is with all this. Thanks!!!! I hear so many contradicting things.....
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