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December 7th, 2012, 11:20 PM
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I have zero tolerance for kids playing games thinking they can get away with things. I picked up my sk from the dance tonight. In the car I reminded my oldest ss that there is to be no txting or video chatting now.(the other ones know and have not had any problems with this rule with them only him) The rule is no txting or video chatting after 10. Most parents are in bed by that time and cant personally watch what their children are doing. He goes to bed and then the younger one goes in there and they are watching a movie in their room. I walk in and ask the youngest to turn the computer off in the living room bc I just asked him to and he didnt. Oldest has his phone or Ipod on his belly and quickly moves it out of my sight. I asked him to give them to me and he replies oh Im just charging them. I give him the benefit of the doubt and say ok and remind him once again. an hour later at 1am I go in to turn their tv down bc I can hear it in the livingroom and there he is on his Ipod. I took them away and said I told you no txting. His response I was txting my mom and saying gn to my friend.... ummm doesnt matter My house my rules. So now they are mine at 10pm every night ( we only have him on the weekends) unless dad takes them away permanently for the weekend. ugh. You would think he would learn....! :/

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