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December 8th, 2012, 11:28 AM
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What Is Precum?

Yes, precum usually has a small amount of sperm inside of it. Precum and sperm all come from the same place and there is no clear end or start of either. It's much like fore and hind breastmilk. While they are distinct things there is always some hind in fore and fore in hind. It's the amount of either that determines which it is.

Withdraw has a very high rate of failure especially if you are not counting the days in your cycle or tracking your ovulation. Every other day is usually a pretty good set-up for trying to get pregnant because the sperm count will be very high at each encounter versus having frequent sex every day (making to more likely that there will be a substantial amount of living sperm in the precum).

It sounds like to me that you're trying to stack the deck against your husband and are trying to get pregnant. I would encourage you to have a VERY thorough heart to heart discussion with your husband about having more children. Because he's not insisting on condoms or really any reliable form of birth control and allowed you to talk him out of a vasectomy I think you might have good odds at winning that battle. So, get talking to him and start having fun making a baby on purpose

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