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December 8th, 2012, 03:03 PM
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I love DH, but sometimes he annoys me.

His custody agreement states that while he is unemployed, he will have physical custody of Reme 50% of the time. I understand why L isn't allowing it while Reme's in school during the week, but what I don't get is why during the Summer, or school breaks, we don't have him more. DH doesn't work during the summer, he doesn't work during Christmas etc.

Well I mentioned to DH that because we don't get to see Reme as much as the court says he should, he should ask for Reme from Christmas Day to New Years Eve to make up for a small fraction of this time that he's lost due to school. He gets all excited since he's going back to work in the new year.

And then when he asks L... he tip toes around it. Grrr... Instead of saying "look, I don't see Reme much, I'm going to be gone again for work soon, I want to keep him from Christmas day, until New Years Eve (we'd have him that Friday, Sat and Sunday anyway, so it's really only 2 extra days. I didn't hear what she said (they were on the phone) but he just said "no big deal, we can talk about it another time."

*sigh* we aren't going to hold her in contempt because she doesn't let DH have him 50% of the time. Mostly because it's not healthy for Reme while he's in school. But to compensate DH doesn't get any extra time. No extra weekends, no extra school breaks etc.

I get that she's his mom, I really do. And I get that she's had her hours cut at work so she's lonely when Reme's not around and M's working. But he's DH's kid too, and I feel like DH is missing out, especially since he can't even have a normal court order of every other weekend and x number of days during summer because he's 500 miles away half the year (or more as it looks next year). That time is so precious to DH, but he just will not grow some balls to get the extra time. He says he's afraid if he pisses her off she'll take him to court and he'll get less time... but wouldn't she be in trouble because she essentially denies him what he's supposed to have anyway?

*sigh* call me selfish, but I'd just like some family time with my hubby and my step son where we aren't trying to cram two weeks of stuff into two days.
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