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December 8th, 2012, 04:03 PM
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I'm a librarian and see this is a lot, especially with school aged children. I don't know, there seems to be some want amongst some people that I cannot understand that if your child is staying home from school, even if it is due to being unwell that they need to be doing something educational, so they get dragged to the library even though they should be in bed.

I have only told a mother to take her child home once though, and that was because the poor little girl was asleep on the floor in the middle of the children's area, she clearly had a fever and was clutching her stomach, and her mother was sitting on a chair reading a magazine. The mother argued with me that she wanted her to get some books because she was missing school.

Sick kids in the pharmacy, or doctors office, okay, that's fine. Sleeping on the floor of the library because you have hang ups with your child missing a few days of school when they are ill, I will never accept that as appropriate.
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