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December 9th, 2012, 12:23 PM
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I am on the fence about this one. With my older son we pretty much vaccinated on time. Sometimes depending on my work/school schedule he got a few months behind and then would catch up later.

Both my boys have gotten the actual chicken pox so we haven't done that vaccine. My pediatrician says that they will eventually need to get the booster for that vaccine.

With my little guy the last shots we did were the 6 month ones. Then a girl I was teaching with told me about her grandson. He went in for his 6 month shots a happy, healthy baby. Soon after the shots he began having infantile seizures. He has since been diagnosed with Autism. Conicidence? Maybe, but it is enough to scare me.

My guy hasn't gotten any shots since. Partially because we have just had too much going around. Around 12 months he was teething a lot and I didn't want to take him in for any shots when he was already running a little warm and fussy and full of boogars. And since then every time I think about it someone in my house is sick and I don't want him getting any shots when his immune system may be compromised. I might be a little paranoid....but I figure it doesn't matter if he gets the shots late, as long as he eventually gets them. I plan on bringing him in after he gets over this cold he has, but I think I will have them break up the shots so he doesn't get a bunch at once.

Anyone have any links to delayed shot schedules you use??

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