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December 9th, 2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by My2miracles View Post
My dh is the same way. It drives me crazy. It's like he has to ask her permissin to follow the court order. I have been coaching him over the years & it's getting a little better but not much. He always asks instead of saying.

I did have a small win over Thanksgiving. We wanted to do the exchange on Tues - at 1st bm said ok but it would be late (she works evenings). Then she came back & said no Wednesday night. Well Wednesday night didn't work for dh as he had to get up at 3:15am on Thurs for work. Plus the kids would lose a whole day with dsd that they were counting on. He was going to take it but I said no & to push back. He did. He compromised & drove farther than usual but we still had dsd when it was best for us.

Glad your dh took your coaching & that L agreed. Hopefully it will come more naturally next time.
I really hope so too. Though, every time I suggest we push for more time, I think of Katie's situation. We don't want it to boil down to L only having him for school, and we get him for all the fun stuff!

He's already talking about spring break. He'd like to have Reme for it, even though he's working. We did a spring break thing last year too, but L drove him to Ohio (on our dime) to make it easier. This time I'd just make the drive to and from myself with the munchkin. But it's a lot of planning (including me needing a week off), and driving (10hrs each way), and stress (hello in-laws)... but if L says yes I think it'll work out.

We are supposed to have him for 3.5 weeks this summer (straight time), but we don't know if we're going to Canada or not, or if DH will even be home this summer. He's going to try for a job on a new power plant in Kentucky, which means more support for L, but less time with Dad for Reme. (and less time with DH for me )
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