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December 9th, 2012, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenoj View Post
I'm not going to tell anyone that they are wrong for lying to their kids. But people will tell me I'm doing it wrong for not playing Santa. That we are ruining the spirit and magic of Christmas. Their childhood is not going to be any fun. People will try to talk us out of it. I've never tried to talk anyone out of doing Santa as that is their choice even if I don't agree with it. I'm sure we are going to have a bunch of problems with them telling other kids he doesn't exist and then WE are the bad guys. But their kids, teachers, cashiers, random strangers, family, practically anyone can pretend he does exist and talk about him being real to our kids and we can't say anything about it. They can get mad for our kids not following their traditions, but we can't get mad for their kids not following our traditions because that makes us spoil sports. I know everyone talks about all these good reasons they do Santa like it being magical and fun and whatever, but in the end it is lying. You can't deny that. You are telling your kids something is true when you do not believe so, in fact you know the exact opposite is true. That's basically the definition of lying. This is what makes it different from other types of faith in my eyes. I don't think parents should tell their kids Jesus exists or whatever if they don't believe either. Other types of faith are also not so easily proved or disproved as Santa. Unless he does exist but he doesn't deliver presents?

But I personally am not a fan of faith in general. That's a topic for a different day.
I see a big difference in it though. A child has a dream, a faith, and a hope in a fat man who slides down a chimney. People come along and blast those dreams with "there is no santa, your parents are lairs."

Not believing and being told there is one, isn't dashing hopes and dreams. I really don't see the big deal to just smile and say "that's great!" Why people feel the need to crush someone's happiness I will never understand. And that's not just restricted to Holidays. You aren't lying to a child who's excited about Santa coming if you just smile and nod.

And if you don't believe in Faith, that's your choice. But I really think it's cruel to try and break someone else's, especially a small child.
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