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December 9th, 2012, 03:58 PM
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....worrying about labor & delivery yet? Some days I think about it a lot. I'm barely even halfway along! I plan on doing everything au naturale so I'm hoping it's a little less painful than my son's delivery (induced, no pain meds). I've thought about an epidural but the thought of a needle in my spine scares me more than the pain of labor does! I just hope everything goes well and I don't tear too badly, etc etc etc. Plus my hubby is gone for long stretches of time so I worry about him being across the country in his truck when labor starts. But he does want to ask his mom to come be with me when I get close to my due date.
I guess I don't know what to expect with labor because my last one was induced! I don't know if I'll be early, overdue, on time, or whether labor will be short or long. I don't know whether it will go fast and if I have to worry about getting to the hospital on time when I get close! Agh! I guess since I'm not so worried for the baby's health right now my mind is fixating on something else. Since losing one I seem to always be worrying about something. Stupid brain, lol!

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