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December 9th, 2012, 05:43 PM
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If another person's belief system happens to include a fat dude at this time of year who spreads joy and happiness, I am all for it. Contrary if another person's belief system does not include a fat dude, I am all for it.

I don't get to decide for other families what constitutes a proper belief system, though. That is so very much an individual choice, as much as free will is, imo. Part of me would like to think it's so very wrong to believe you get to make the decision as to what constitutes a proper belief system. But the rest of me knows that maybe, just maybe, your belief that you should be able to is part of your own belief who am I to judge?(you=general)
And round and round we go.

I don't believe in certain things, I have all kinds of reasons. But my non-belief in something doesn't magically change another person's belief. Or rather my non-belief does not change the fact that they feel what they believe IS their belief system-or part of it. I don't get to say "no, sorry, I don't believe in this, I believe you are lying, therefore, it's not part of any belief system, ever". Well I could, but it certainly wouldn't be very nice of me to do, lol.

This is why I think leaving the decisions when it comes to belief systems, faith, celebrations(and all that comprises them) and all these things are best left up to individuals and really shouldn't be open for judgment. It's just a merry go round of "your way is not proper, here's why", "no, your way is not proper, here's why", and in the end neither one of you is right when it's applied to the other. You're only right when your opinion is applied to you. On subjects like this there really ISN'T a right way, or wrong way. It's too individually biased.

That's why this topic intrigues me so much. It's about the only reason I like debates this time of year, especially, they can be very interesting(ok, nerd in me enjoys reading them, a lot ). This time of year people are, sometimes, more willing to discuss their belief systems. Even something as simple as Santa can bring about a philosophical discussion about faith, generally speaking.
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