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December 9th, 2012, 07:13 PM
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I will just share with you my story from DS. Hopefully everyone researches it and decided whats best for them. I'm not going to say anyone else should or should not circumcise their baby, it's your choice. But when I had DS I kind of ignored these debates in my DDC and didn't research much, thinking oh it's routine and nothing will happen to us, it's such a small percentage that something happens, etc. We got his done at the pediatrician a few days after he was born. I thought everything was good, pedi said everything was good. This was the end of the day, so a bit later when I changed his diaper and noticed something was wrong because he was still bleeding red, everywhere was closed. Taking his pants and diaper off made it worse and he started bleeding BAD red blood everywhere. You can't even imagine how scary it was, we rushed to the nearest hospital, half an hour away, with the baby in my lap holding pressure on him. By the time we got there blood had soaked his diaper, night gown, was dripping down my elbow, I was SO freaked out. They said the doctor cut a large vein and they had to cauterize it. Everything ended up being okay but it was very traumatizing.

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