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December 9th, 2012, 07:13 PM
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This has become a highly debated issue with mamas. My son is circ'd but if DH wouldn't have preferred it, I wouldn't have had it done.
Lots of ppl think its "cleaner". This isn't really true at all with proper washing. (and you definitely shouldn't force it, if you know what I mean

Some want them to look like daddy. I think this was my DHs thinking.

I've read that a mans penis is so much more sensitive if uncirc'd making sex better for him later on.

My best friends son had it done and the Dr messed the surgery up. He screamed every time he would pee for a few weeks. Poor little guy has to have a second corrective surgery soon and he is 6 months now.

If I have another little boy I'm going to try very hard to talk dh into not having it done.
I don't look down on those who do it obviously but just think there is less risk involved if you don't get it done.

I also hope my post doesn't upset anyone. I think whatever a family decides is right for their child. Its a very personal decision.

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