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December 9th, 2012, 08:25 PM
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Please make your decision based on facts, not on what people on this board are saying.

The American Academy of Pediatrics NO LONGER reccomends ROUTINE circumcision, because the risks to do NOT outweight the POTENTIAL benifits.

If you are worried about him looking different then other people or kids, you are better to keep him intact. I'm not sure where your from, but in CA less than 25% of newborn boys are being circumsized because it is not considered medically neccasary. In fact, many insurances are no longer paying for it because it is considered "cosmetic surgery".

I have three boys, all intact. All retracted at normal times, never had a cleanliness issue. I liken the "trending out" of routine circumcision to the "trending out" of routinly removing tonsils. Back when my parents were kids, they routinely took out everyones tonsils, but as the years went on, they realized that the risks outweighed the benifits for MANY, MANY PEOPLE. So they started doing it ONLY for the people who needed it, and for them, they benifits outweighed the risks.

Hope that helps!!

Willow Sanders CC
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