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December 9th, 2012, 10:21 PM
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Um...I still have her clothes in a Rubbermaid storage tote...not even sorted by size! Still have to wash them. Gifts still in their bags in the corner of the spare room, which will some day be hers.

I have NO idea where we are putting anything as we don't have an extra dresser or anything. I think for the time being we will just get some cheap baskets/boxes and put stuff in there.

I've always just tossed the onsies in a basket since they don't really NEED to be folded. Same with socks after they are matched up. Just toss in a basket. I'm sure I will hang her good outfits/dreses but most everything else will just go in something and sit on our dresser for a while.

As far as diapers go...I have one of those short three drawer Rubbermaid things and I usually use that as the diaper holder. Diapers and wipes in the top drawer along with any creams/powders. Sleepers in the second drawer and random baby stuff/toys in the bottom one. Has worked great with all three kids so far.

Cloth diapers...still haven't bought any but if we do cloth this time around I will do like last time. One basket for prefolds, one for fitteds, one for covers, and a daddy-basket for ones that dh will use. If we go all cloth I will use the three drawer dresser thing for the cloth and separate them somehow in there.
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