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December 9th, 2012, 11:07 PM
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I'm sorry you're having to wait so long. That really sucks! I remember pacing the floors that last few days before my due date...I did end up induced due to low amniotic fluid, and at the time I thought, awesome! No more waiting! But I really wanted to do no pain meds and being induced is killer in that regard. I mean I made it through, but it was pretty painful. So my advice is to stall induction as long as possible! I have read that whether you let a mom go past 2 weeks, or induce her, the risk either way is very small of harm to mom or baby. So I would fight for that so long as baby and you are healthy.
I'm sorry your normal midwife is not available now! That sucks too. It feels scary to have things like that be out of your control. Do you have any friends or family that have done natural birthing/water birth that could sort of be there to support you along with the assistant? Or maybe a doula might be a good thing, if you can afford it. I know it's really late in the game, just some thoughts.
I definitely like the idea of water birth myself, my hospital allows it for a fee so I'm going to go that route. I labored in warm water with my son and it really sped things along and did help some with pain management.
If it would help I can give you some links to natural-type birth articles to help you know what to expect. I know the fear though, and despite my fears my son came out perfect, his APGAR scores were 9 at birth and 10, 10 minutes later. He was pink and healthy and the midwife put him right up on my chest. He nursed like a champ and I was surprised at how much energy I felt right after all that work. Both me and him were alert and aware, looking into each other's eyes minutes after he was born. I do definitely recommend no drugs if at all possible! I think it helped him to be so alert and responsive at birth. Hey and if I can help with any questions you might have you're welcome to PM me too. This will only be my 2nd time around, but if my experience can help you, then great!

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