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December 9th, 2012, 11:47 PM
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AHHHH! I hate it for you ladies, but I like knowing that I'm not alone! Nikki, I have an appointment at 9 on Tuesday, and if I weren't getting my strep B test and getting a cervix check, I'd cancel or move it. I have another at 8 am the next week, taking DS2 (like I do to all the appointments), and the doctor will be on call. I'm already pissy about that one. HAHAHA

I've tried Ambien before. It doesn't work. I'm one of the lucky 2% for whom most meds don't work. The times when they DO work, I need extra rounds. I have the "redhead gene", too, which means extra anesthesia is always required. The pain pills they prescribe for me don't usually work very well, but if I take them and take a hot bath, it at least takes the edge off. Maybe. We'll hope. I guess I'll just worry about sleep when I can get it! If we didn't have a ton of errands tomorrow, I'd totally be bribing DH with some sort of putting out to let me sleep in the morning. Hehehehe

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