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December 10th, 2012, 12:05 AM
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@ iamkc...

I work in the ER on midnights and there are a LOT of nurses that take melatonin. With it being an all natural drug there hasn't been any official testing on pregnant women...or much testing at all so of course it's going to say that it's not 'safe' to take it. But most drs that I have talked to say that 3-5mf of melatonin/day is just fine.

The FDA doesn't have to test natuarl alternatives so of course there's not much info out there about this kind of stuff. They do, however, test any sort of over the counter drug or prescription drug...because they want you to buy it so they can make money! LOL Anyhoo...that said, if you aren't comfortable taking melatonin you could try Tylenol PM. The Benadryl in it is what makes you sleepy and since it's okay to take Benadryl (the regular kind) it's okay to take the Tylenol PM.

I'm in the middle of doing surgery admits at work but wanted to reply before it got too I hope this makes sense!!
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