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December 10th, 2012, 12:48 AM
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Im bad. I know.... so dont judge (not that you would!)
Gonna fess up - I took a tablespoon and a half of Castor tonight and sure enough... here I am 4 hours later having contractions 4-6min. apart.... as close as 2-3 but they are short ones.... they started about an hour ago
Just packed our bags... gonna wait it out here and see if they get closer and stay consistent over the next hour before I call my cousin over to stay the night with Ty.

Hopin they stick around and dont die out!!!

Ok - SO I updated that he was born that night!! Just a few hours after posting that.
I'll post a long birth story when I have rested and can form sentances... but for now - long story short....

11:30 First contractions
1:30 Water Broke at home
3:00 5cm
3:17 Time to Push!
3:23 Baby Blake James was Born!! No Drugs, Not even Motrin After... No Tears, No Nothin except a Fabulous perfect Natural Delivery. He was 7lbs 2oz and 20" Long

We then got skin to skin for an hour and a half before he was taken off my chest - with a hour of nursing - got weighed and was given back to me... didnt even get a bath till late this morning!

I am Absolutely in love with this little man... We got home about an hour ago and were doing great!! Hes nursing great and hardly makes a peep.
Sorry - these pics are huge

Going Home

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