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December 10th, 2012, 07:27 AM
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Hi ladies. This is cycle 12 for me of trying. I had a loss back in early feb. I had to have a d and c. I have never had fertility problems. I have 3 boys and getting pregnant was never an issue. UNTIL I had the d and c. I have a regular 28 day cycle, o usually around/on cd14. We have charted, used opk's and cbe monitor. And still nothing. It's like my heart breaks each time another month of bfn's go by. It's taken a HUGE toll on our relationship.

Is it really possible the doctor screwed up my body with the procedure? He did it in his office without any equipment except the same type if tools used for a Pap smear. I do do have another appt with another obgyn on the 18. I am just petrified the last doctor screwed something up
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