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September 1st, 2006, 08:35 PM
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Dh has always, always believed in a good spanking. His dad always gave them to him growing up.

Today he and our son who will be SIX in a few weeks, got into because my son ran over a tire in the yard while riding his four wheeler. I don't know the precise details but it's evident from the welps on my son that dh did more than just spank him. DH hasn't apologized or said it was wrong. He says he only spatted him with his hand but ladies there are welps from his butt down his thigh. This happened at 4 o clock and it's now 10 o clock and they are clearly visible, bright red and raised.

What do I do?? I don't think what he did is right and tomorrow my son is going to my mom's so I'm going to have to explain to her what happened because she will definitely see it.

It's not that I don't believe in spanking but this is overboard, IMO. If anyone at school sees it we will surely be in trouble.

How do I get through to dh??? This is the first time he's ever done this.

I'm so mad and hurt....

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